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Shandong POP Jeans Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specially established by ASPOP Group to develop intelligent manufacturing. The company was established on April 23, 2015 with a registered capital of RMB 33 million.Its main businesses are clothing personalized customization, clothing intelligent manufacturing consulting services, and technology output. It is the first enterprise in China to realize personalized intelligent manufacturing of all kinds of denim clothing. It is also the vice-chairman member of Zibo Industrial Internet Personalized Customization Innovation Alliance.

At present, POP Jeans Intelligence cooperates with Amazon, JD JZAO, Netease Koala, Netease Yan Xuan, BIYAO Mall, Xiaomi Mall, Suning Mall and other e-commerce companies in the Internet collaborative manufacturing mode, and sells customized clothing on its own POP Jeans customized platform.POP Jeans Intelligence started its business in multi marketing around the popular customization of "internet + Direct Selling" denim clothing, and carried out technological transformation from design, purchasing, sales, production and dispatching of intelligent production on the Internet.The company has realized a monthly production capacity of over 80,000 pieces.


The company was established on 2015


Registered capital of RMB 33 million


Monthly production capacity of over 80,000 pieces

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